The impact of lipstick in World War II

This time we will not talk about beauty tips, talk about its impact on World War II.

The lipstick was an impact during World War II by millions of British women. While the Germans invaded the UK, British women did their best to look beautiful and not show fear and worry the enemy to see their country in war.

They elaborated lipstick named saiba mais sobre lift x aqui with beets, to put shadows on the eyes boots and wax used to make believe they had nylons; They applied on the back of the legs of meat sauce. They were always prepared for any situation in which case if you take photographs as news did not stop leaving and they knew that the information was directly towards the Germans. In other words, they were responsible for giving the good image of the country to foreign countries.

woman red lipstick

In the late ’30s, beauty was considered as superficial issue and women were allowed two bars of lipstick a year. The government realized the dissatisfaction of women and it was a bad decision and because of that, had to increase the production of lipstick.

For makeup remover, they used lard and used a mixture of sugar and water to make a type of enamel or hair gel.

They were encouraged women to work and raise labor at that time as it was were difficult times and had to raise the country. Those yes, not neglected beauty. In addition, at that time they became famous sewing machines made women realized that it was cheaper to make your own clothes with the fabric of their previous pledges; because to buy new clothes, there were certain rules that many women could not afford or did not have enough money.

In 1942, the British government gift to women that they buy coupons for makeup, thus prevented them down the morale of the workers. In 1949 in the UK, finished rationing makeup and clothes. Makeup and beauty allowed women to feel free in times of crisis.