The four best films Soviet of the Second War World

We present a list of the best Soviet films about the horrors of war.

1. The Cranes Are Flying

It is a Soviet film Mikhail Kalatozov which was awarded in 1958 with the Golden Palm award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film is the tragedy of two lovers who were separated by the Second World War.

Boris is recruited to go to the front where he died hit by a bullet while Veronica, his girlfriend, to stay home with his brother betrays him.

Here’s an episode subtitled in Spanish, while the full version of the film in English is also available on movie2k.


2. The sunrises are here gentlest

It is a military drama Stanislav Rostotsky which was recorded in 1972. In the film there are two parts: a real (made in black and white) and the other (recorded in color) is the one that describes the life of the protagonists before the war

This film tells the story of the Soviet commander, FEDOT Vaskov, fighting German soldiers supported by five beautiful and young bold.

To demonstrate that the German soldiers “not repaired to kill young and pretty women of the USSR”, Rostotski shot a scene where the protagonists appear completely naked.

The second part of the film is available here.


3. Slaughter Come!

The war drama Elem Klimov, recorded in 1985, is based on the child Flyora Gaishun, who at 13 years old, joined the partisans to fight the Nazi soldiers.

The commotion caused the premiere of the movie outside the USSR, following the extreme degree of violence shown, reached such a point that ambulances stood guard near the cinemas.


4. The Battle of Moscow It is a work produced and directed by Yuri Ozerov which premiered in 1985 under the Moscow Film Festival.

The film, which lasts more than six hours, is divided into 2 parts: “Aggression” which chronicles the development of Operation Barbarossa (the plan of invasion of the USSR, devised by Hitler); and the “Typhoon” which focuses on the preparation and management of the famous battle near Moscow.