Military authorize the temporary marketing of fireworks

Information was disseminated Monday morning December 15, 2014. The Logistics Directorate of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces , through the Department of Arms Control, authorized the temporary marketing of fireworks by seo specialist gold coast.

But this measure applies to importers , not importers and manufacturers of fireworks that were previously recorded as temporary traders of this material.

Through a statement to this newspaper, the military say the resolution allows this activity to natural persons and legal pyrotechnic devices sold in the country during the festivities of christmas and new year .

The requirements for this release are as follows: 1. Application addressed to the Director of Logistics of the Armed Forces Joint Command and presented at the Center for Arms Control. 2. Copy current authorization importer, importer or manufacturer not pirotécnia issued by the Joint Command. 3. Color copy of the certificate of citizenship or identity and certificate voting in force. 4. Original certificate updated the importer or artisanal fireworks factory, appointing him as temporary trader of these products, should be copied, it must be notarized. 5. Proof of payment for expenses administrative by the value of USD 5. the military also said they are marketing these products without authorization will be subject to sanctions . Under the new comprehensive Code of Criminal Procedure (art. 396), the person who without authorization of the competent body to develop or markets pyrotechnical material shall be punished with imprisonment from 15 to 30 days.