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Blunt Cannulas Fillers In Contrast With Needle Filler Injections

Blunt Cannulas Fillers In Contrast With Needle Filler Injections

Blunt cannulas are the modern means of injecting serum in human skin especially dermal fillers.  They help easing the treatment through its marvelous formation. Following is the comparison of blunt cannulas done with normal needles in order to make you see the clear picture of few out of many benefits of blunt cannulas.

Control of Needles

Previously, it had become very hard to control needles after it has been inserted into the skin. Therefore, scientist designed needles (Blunt Cannulas) that are easier to control for a practitioner than any other needles in the market. There are also some types of needles which are used for PDO thread lifting. However, they come with PDO threads which stay inside the patient’s body. You can read more about them here:

Flexible Needles

Cannulas are the most flexible needles produced up till now whereas the sharp tipped needles are generally hard in nature. Blunt cannulas are made in such a way that they are injected easily in human skin through their flexible feature. Steriglide micro-cannulas are the most rigid cannulas, but they are yet much more flexible than any other needle.

Less Punctures

The sharp tips of blunt cannulas are designed in such a way that they can cover larger areas when the serum of dermal filler is incorporated into the skin. While as compared to other average needles, it requires more punctures into the skin of patients. This calls for more pain to patients than cannulas. Besides pain and discomfort, the patient has to suffer more time consumption. Also, it is more likely to use in sensitive areas such as tear trough because of it flexible and fine needle formation.

Time and Energy

Plastic surgeries failed to get much popularity and success in this decade because they caused immense pain and loss of time and energy to the patients as well as the practitioner. Therefore, dermal filler treatments were introduced to make it less miserable for both. As discussed earlier, blunt cannulas not only take care of patients discomfort but it also saves time and within few minutes, the non-surgical treatment is completed.

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