Bathing before the war – Shower trays, types and sizes

The shower was very popular even after WWII. This was usually still primitive, since hot water usually had to come from a small keukengeisertje. Today, boilers or hot water tanks have been combined and the amount of water is usually not a problem. New trends include walk-in showers in all shapes and sizes. More on this later.

Bathe before the war

The pre-war bathroom consisted primarily of washing with a wash cloth in the kitchen. Children are often placed in an iron or copper tub and due to numerous families were several children in the same bath water. This is due to cost savings or time. The water is usually heated in a kettle on the stove or a gas stove in gemeentegas.

Bathe today

Today, every home has access to a shower or bathtub and there are many people who have so much at their disposal. It also happens that there is only one bathroom due to limited space and a wall mounted shower has been placed. A solution for limited space, although the shower today for many people has become more important than a bathtub. One reason for this is that many people today have daily showers and there is not enough time or take a bath daily.
The manufacturers of showers and bathrooms have plenty here to respond and offer a wide range of booths, walls and fixtures. For every taste.

Types of taxis

Shower cabins are available in many shapes and sizes. The most common are:

  • quadrant
  • square
  • rectangle
  • pentagon

The quarter round baths are generally intended to be placed in a corner. At the front is then a rounded corner and the most commonly used sizes are 90 x 90, 100 x 100 and 120 x 120 cm. The doors can be formed by two small pieces in these walls that go away in the interior when climbing or a great door that usually opens towards the outside. The latter is, of course, only if you have space for it in your bathroom.
The rectangular model is perhaps the most popular model to date. It also fits in almost every bathroom. The dimensions can vary in each case from 80 x 80 to 120 x 120 cm. Doors can half-doors sliding away on sides or doors that rotate outwards. You can also see here, sometimes two large doors all the way can swing. This gives you a wider entry point, but it also applies that you must have room for it.
The rectangular shape is starting to get more. Modern bathrooms are becoming larger because people are increasingly in need of a luxurious bathroom and can be placed booths, therefore becoming larger. The most used dimensions are 80 x 120 to 90 x 120 cm. Due to the size they usually have a large opening towards the outside.
The pentagon is normally supplied in the dimension of 90 x 90-92 x 92 cm. These have revolving doors from 90 to 100 cm. Wide. The so-called fourth corner with these flattened models.

Shower tray

The shower is actually the latest development in the shower. In almost all the modern bathrooms they represented. Large shower walls, or can not be placed directly on the floor, along with a wide free ride.
It prevents the rest of the bathroom from being splashed by the longer walls. The course lasts up to a drain in the floor and the walls are often treated with decalcification.
Even the shower walls are made of a variety of modern materials, so dry and cleaning takes less time than traditional cabins or tub / shower combinations. Especially if you have a traditional shower curtain, you know the problem of drying the flexible curtain and the water that has leaked underneath. Unfortunately, even these modern shower type should be dried with a cloth or a tractor, but the lime adheres much less than the traditional materials.
Safety Dive also in terms of its modern tempered glass glass walls far better than traditional glass walls. Now they are 5x steadily than before.
The advantage of standing in the showers is that they can be made to measure. Exactly to your specifications, all this of course you pay a little more.


It is for this article too much to mention all possible accessories. There is a wide variety of shower heads, sliding bars, soap dispensers and pumps, tools and scrub brushes. Please look for more information at a store in your neighborhood or even surf the Internet, check Drips n Drops. There is probably a world where options open to you …