Air Force Diet: how does it work? Meal plan and benefits

What is the diet of the Air Force?

The diet of the Russian Air Force is another fad diet that is both strict and rather low in calories. It is assumed that was originally developed in the former Soviet Union to keep soldiers fit. The diet has many similarities to the diet of 3 days, but the difference is that it lasts for seven days and has a slightly different menu.

This diet is actually associated with the Air Force in order to add value, although there is an absence of a definitive scientific support . Indeed, but with such limited food intake, it is unlikely to have much energy for combat. While some describe a three – day military diet, others recognize a diet of Russian Air Force seven days.

The Air Force Diet: how does it work? Meal plan and benefits11

How the diet of the Air Force work?

The diet of the Russian Air Force provides seven days of meals that are very low in calories . Breakfast is usually coffee and a very small amount of starchy carbohydrates. Lunch is a small amount of protein and a piece of fruit. Dinner is protein and a salad.

The diet of the Air Force requires the user to drink at least four glasses of water or diet soda every day. You can use herbs, salt, pepper, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, mustard and ketchup on any of the meals to add flavor.

The first day of the diet allows only coffee for breakfast. Lunch on the first day will be two eggs and a tomato. Dinner will be composed of seven ounces of red meat and a small salad. In all other days breakfast can include coffee and a very small portion of a starchy carbohydrate. The individual will eat a protein and a piece of fruit for lunch and a protein and a salad for dinner.

Another example of a diet breakfast of the Russian Air Force is coffee and a slice of toast or two crackers . Lunch would be like two eggs and a can of tuna or a small chicken breast. The evening meal would be the same as lunch but with a small salad. For a full meal plan, see the last part of the article.

It is unknown whether the diet of the Russian Air Force is really the diet that required the Russians or non – military . It is unlikely , however, because the diet is so extreme. Old photos of the soldiers would attest to the effectiveness of the diet really the diet if they used. The diet can be followed by a week. Food requirements must be followed exactly as specified times. The diet reduces calorie intake diner. With a reduced number of calories the individual lose weight in the first week and you lose even more if continued for a second week.

Air Force Diet: advantages and benefits

The following reasons are presented to follow the diet of the Air Force:

  • It is very easy to follow
  • It is affordable and all the food is easy to get and prepare
  • At the end of the third day, you can lose up to 4-5kg, and diet claims weight loss of 7 kg in 7 days.

Air Force Diet: disadvantages and side effects

Some reasons for not following the diet of the Air Force:

  • The diet is very low in calories and nutrients, and probably will lead to a slower metabolism. If you follow this diet, you will lose weight, but you will also experience nausea, fatigue and irritability throughout the week. In addition, you will feel hungry most of the day.
  • It is very restrictive and difficult to follow, and therefore is not suitable for active people.
  • It does not produce long-term results. When the diet ends, the weight back because it is not sustainable.

If you work with heavy loads or must use your brain for most of the day, the diet of the Russian Air Force is not for you . This diet is low in calories; therefore, you should not do training and exercise. Meals in the diet will not give you enough fuel to support your muscles. Your body will convert proteins into carbohydrates to meet basic energy needs. The diet of the Russian Air Force should not extend beyond the period of seven days as this would be a famine of essential nutrients. Its side effects include dizziness and lack of concentration.

Comments about the diet of the Air Force: does it work?

Needless to say, this is another very low-calorie diet and deprived of nutrients. This diet is based mainly on hunger. What worked for Soviet soldiers is not very good for civilians!

You will lose weight because their calorie intake will drop to low levels. Aside from feeling hungry, you will also be tired during the day and will lack fiber, vitamin E, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. After losing kilos for 7 days and you return to your normal eating habits, the kilos you lost again and can increase further.

This diet, like many of its kind, can be adapted to provide an adequate number of calories. You can expect to be under power and must refrain from exercising the duration of the diet because it does not include many carbohydrates, which depend muscles. Your body will have to convert some of the proteins that ingest carbohydrates in order to meet basic energy needs. While following the diet of the Russian Air Force can lead to Pastillas naturales para perder Peso, you can increase the weight back quickly because the diet does not teach you to change your eating habits.