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BOQ rooms had 4 steel cots for the crew’s officers. Three officers for my crew hadn’t yet been assigned. My bunk was made up but the other three only had mattress and pillow. I really was not prepared for what I saw when I walked into my room. There, lying on my made up bed, was a tall skinny kid, staring at the ceiling and smoking a cigarette. His bedding was piled in the middle of the floor. His first remark without taking his eyes off the ceiling was “Well, I guess you’re Harper.” “You’re sure as hell right about that,” I shot at him. Without changing his ceiling stare he demanded to know my date of rank. I said “it’s really none of your business but for the sake of seeing where this conversation is going, it’s 22 April, 1943. At that, he stood up, ground out the cigarette butt on my floor, yawned, stretched and announced that since I outranked him I could have my bed back. He went over and picked himself a cot and started unrolling the mattress when I asked “Just who in hell are you?” His reply was that his name was Cox and that he was my bombardier. I made a bee-line to the adjutant’s office. I blurted out that I didn’t want any part of that bombardier he had just issued me. The adjutant told me that a whole graduating class of them had been sent to us that day and they were all assigned but if any of the other pilots got their drawers in wad over their bombardier we could swap. I told him to put me at the top of the list. He also advised me that Cox was top man in his class and that I might want to think it over before letting someone else get their hooks on him....

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