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Music Sheet For The Song


A warplane was government property but men who fought in it were apt to consider it “our plane.” The appropriation was usually affirmed with a name and combat achievements painted on the nose area of the craft. 

My daughter, Jan, was born in 1943 about the same time our crew was being put together. Her home was at Buffalo Gap, Texas near Abilene. The crew immediately adopted her as the “Buffalo Gal” after the song of the same name. In her honor, the crew’s decision was to name our B-17 
Flying Fortress - “The Buffalo Gal.”

A beautiful little “bombshell” 
- blond actress of the time
was being cast in a movie role as
the Annie Oakley type.
Her attire was cowboy hat,
boots, short buck-skin skirt and
slightly open vest revealing a
modest amount of interest.
Her final adornment was a pair
of holstered .45 cal. pistols.
She corresponded with some of
the crew’s gunners, but
had no use for officers at all.
She became the model for the
nose art painting on the Buffalo Gal...


James Stewart From The Movie

It's A Wonderful Life"
. . .
featuring B-24 pilot
Jimmy Stewart and the song
"Buffalo Gal" which should be
playing now if you have
a .mid audio player.



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